Friday, October 17, 2014


I had an opportunity to shoot this beautiful girl several times. I know I have been bad about keeping the blog full but, I have been extremely busy the past few months. The first time I shot pictures of Savannah was with a group called LCA- Lights, Camera, Action. This group meets several times a year and  shoots for a theme. The theme in June was Homecoming/Prom night. We had several girls in their beautiful dresses for a photo shoot. We had a great time, made some great photos and made some great friends. Savannah is the daughter of a friend and she is a natural. After the LCA meeting, Savannah's mom asked me to do some Senior shots so we headed to Atlanta. Then I had this great idea to take Savannah to a lake with a long dress. The plan was to have her in the lake with this long dress. We took several shots around the lake--waiting for the sunset. Surprisingly there were a few people in the lake swimming. Once we put Savannah in the water they all decided to move behind her and we could not get shots of her in the water without the swimmers.

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