Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Playing with my Camera.

Did you ever have your mind made up you want to do something, but something prevents you from doing it? Well, the other day I had a photo shoot scheduled and had to cancel do to weather.  I still wanted to take pictures. I wanted to do that all day long. I just couldn't find a model. I spent the day shopping for photo props, came home and made my dinner, and drove through the neighborhood looking for  a model--to no avail. I had bought an old chair during my shopping (antique stores and yard sales) so I took it down to my studio and set a scene. My dog, Coco, followed me so I got her to jump on the chair and pose. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures. I couldn't believe how good she sat, with her legs crossed in front of her. I took about 6 pictures and suddenly she jumped up and ran out of the studio. I could not get her back. She wouldn't even come to the door. It was short but sweet.


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