Saturday, July 31, 2010

Natural Light Child Photography

Photography is my first thought when trying to find something for kids to do. Not that I  don't want them to have fun, but let's face it--I'm a photographer and I will be taking pictures. So, on a recent visit by my niece and nephew, I decided to do something outdoors using natural light. I took my niece to a park near my home to photograph her. While we were there she stopped to take a look at the animals. This little goat got so excited to get attention he stuck his head out to get a little closer.

This is what my niece was waiting for--to pet the horse. She was all smiles as I snapped this photo. It was a beautiful day and I had a wonderful model who was patient and obedient. What more could I want? 

While we were there my niece also had the opportunity to pan for gold. While it was not very profitable, she rolled up her sleeves and got into the chore. I do think she had a good time--I know I did.


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